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Crypto has 7+ times volatility of equity markets meaning much larger premiums in the options market than traditional markets.


Market participants in crypto pay over the mathematical model predictions for optionality (implied vs. realised volatility).


Lending yield curves are not at zero in crypto; demand and supply plus a risk premium for entering the digital space means that lending yields can be high.

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Crypto structured products are financial instruments that are designed to provide a combination of investment returns and risk management, typically through the use of derivatives and other complex financial instruments. They are often customized to meet the specific investment objectives and risk tolerance of the investor.

Advantages of crypto structured products for sophisticated, high net worth investors include:

Customized investment solutions: Crypto structured products can be tailored to meet the specific investment goals and risk tolerance of the investor.

Increased potential returns: The use of derivatives and other complex financial instruments can potentially provide higher returns than more traditional investments.

Improved risk management: Crypto structured products can provide built-in risk management features, such as protection against market downturns or the ability to lock in gains.

Diversification: Crypto structured products can offer exposure to a range of underlying assets, helping to diversify an investment portfolio.

Potential for higher yields: Some crypto structured products may offer higher yields compared to traditional investments, such as bonds or certificates of deposit.

It’s important to note that crypto structured products are not suitable for all investors and can involve complex financial instruments, which can make them more difficult to understand and value. As a result, they are often marketed to sophisticated, high net worth investors who have the experience and resources to carefully evaluate and manage these types of investments.