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Zerocap provides Defined Outcome Investing. Our Crypto Structured Products combine multiple assets and strategies, offering a tailored investment landscape with defined risk-return objectives. Harness volatility, explore better risk-return trade-offs, and tap into non-directional returns for a superior yield.

Strategic Entry/Exit

Enter or exit at predefined levels, earning substantial yield until your strike price is achieved.

Capital Protection

Gain upside exposure with downside protection for digital assets.

Yield Enhancement

Harness volatility to yield via structured notes.

Familiar Structure

Products structured as familiar notes, including autocallable convertible notes and option spreads.

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Zerocap Partners With Marex Solutions to Launch Credit-rated Crypto Structured Products

A bridge between crypto and TradFi through strong governance, digital asset custody, security, administration and counterparty risk management. The Zerocap/Marex partnership bolsters our vision by providing a range of structured investment tools to generate defined investment payoff structures – with the extra assurance of S&P Global investment grade credit ratings.

first australian crypto asset firm structured products
The First Australian Firm to Issue Crypto Structured Products

In November 2021, Zerocap became the first Australian cryptocurrency firm to issue Crypto Structured Products via Zerocap’s derivative’s licence. In this article, we provide details on the advantages of investing in crypto structured products and why Zerocap is in a unique position to offer such products to investors in Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Structured Products?

Crypto Structured Products combine fiat, digital assets, and derivatives to generate defined risk-return investment strategies. They generally fall into one of three buckets: hedging, leverage or yield.

What relevant licenses does Zerocap hold?

Physical Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not currently regulated by ASIC. Zerocap Pty Ltd is registered with AUSTRAC as a DCE (digital currency exchange) service provider (DCE100635539-001). Structured products (derivatives) and Funds (managed investment schemes) are regulated services and products. They are available to Wholesale Clients only and include as per Sections 761GA and 708(10) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Sophisticated/Wholesale Client). To serve these products, Zerocap Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR: 001289130) of AFSL 340799.

How to get involved in Crypto Structured Products?

Contact our team for comprehensive information on our diverse product offerings and how to engage.

How long has Zerocap been offering Structured Products?

Zerocap opened its Structured Product desk in 2021.

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