The intersection of digital assets and traditional finance

Crypto investment products and infrastructure that provides unique opportunities for private clients and institutions.

& Sell

OTC Trading

Invest in cryptocurrencies

Our investment team and wealth platform provide seamless access, deep liquidity and a premium service to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Superior pricing on large orders across a large asset universe, majors and altcoins.

Funds & Portfolios

Regulated funds for wholesale investors and direct access to baskets of digital assets.

Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin Fund

Invest in Bitcoin without the volatility through a risk parity fund for Bitcoin investing and exposure. Zerocap’s Smart Beta Bitcoin offers balanced risk exposure to Bitcoin in a regulated unit trust, covered by market-leading insurance. It accurately controls the volatility of the underlying exposure to Bitcoin, creating a return stream to access the Beta of the market.

Zerocap Bitcoin Trust

Offers passive exposure to Bitcoin in a regulated unit trust. With industry-leading security and insurance, the Zerocap Bitcoin Trust is the leading provider of bitcoin exposure in Australia.

Zerocap Innovation Index

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) removes friction across legacy financial systems and has the potential to disrupt everything we do in finance. The Innovation Index offers exposure to ten assets across six key verticals that cover the largest services in the ecosystem through the most prominent protocols.

Structured Products & CFDs

Predictable returns with defined risk – learn more

Structured solutions to maximise investment returns via bilateral contracts for difference (CFDs).

Structured Solutions Desk

Eliminating directionality, volatility and FX risk to meet customers’ individual risk mandates – learn more.

Credit Markets

Access opportunities in credit markets only available to institutional customers.


Stake your crypto assets and earn rewards with the world’s only fully managed and insured custody staking solution. Let us do the work, while you earn the rewards.

Custody & Insurance

Safe and secure storage

Institutional-grade storage, with robust insurance,
tailored governance and estate planning.


A comprehensive security approach to protecting your cryptocurrency. Utilising best-in-class technology: MPC cryptography and hardware isolation, your digital assets are safe.


Tailor your approval workflow with governance controls configured to your unique needs and preferences, with capabilities similar to the approach undertaken in many traditional institutional investment vehicles.

Estate Planning

Estate planning services to give you peace of mind that the digital assets you own and wealth you have built will be managed and distributed according to your wishes.


Grow your investments safe in the knowledge you will be covered in an unlikely event with industry-leading insurance.

Wealth Portal

Zerocap’s proprietary custody and asset management technology

Secure your assets

Safely store and access your assets, utilising our best-in-class MPC technology with market-leading insurance

Manage your portfolio

Build a balanced portfolio of digital assets. Invest directly from the platform.

Track your returns

View your NAV over time, with reporting on underlying asset performance and interest earned via our yield products.

Market insights

Our expert Research Analysts understand global trends and movements and analyse the markets on a continual basis so you can better understand how to grow your wealth.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset class of the last decade. Talk to us to learn more, or invest now directly through our Wealth Portal.

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