Crypto asset custody governance controls for private client investors, institutions and family offices

Custody governance controls tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

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Tailored account protocols

Personalise your governance protocols from deposit and withdrawal processes, transaction limits to approvals.

Appoint multiple authorisers

Authorise more than one person to access your account, establish a quorum and assign different levels of account access to each account member.

Define your own custody governance structure

Establish and enforce custody governance processes specific to your individual needs and preferences such as defined authorisers, signers and initiators, dollar thresholds for time periods or single transactions, whitelist transfer destinations and much more.

Change your custody governance structure

As your needs and preferences change, our platform enables you to make changes to your governance processes and structure.

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Asset custody governance controls refer to the policies, procedures, and systems that are put in place to ensure the safekeeping and proper management of assets that are under the custody of an organization or institution. These controls may include things like access controls, security protocols, segregation of duties, and regular audits and inspections. The goal of asset custody governance controls is to minimize the risk of loss, theft, or mismanagement of assets and to ensure that the assets are being used in accordance with their intended purpose.