24 Jan, 24

Why is Crypto Down? Potential Reasons

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The cryptocurrency market recently experienced a significant downturn. Understanding the reasons behind this decline is crucial for investors and enthusiasts alike. This article explores the various factors contributing to the recent drop in the crypto market.

Strong U.S. Dollar and Macroeconomic Factors

A key factor influencing the crypto market is the strengthening U.S. dollar, which has exerted selling pressure on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) saw a notable increase, reflecting a robust demand and a rise in U.S. Treasury yields. This strengthening was fueled by higher-than-expected U.S. retail sales and a substantial rise in U.S. Treasury yields, reflecting market adjustments to the Federal Reserve’s rate-cutting roadmap. Additionally, the Consumer Price Index inflation, the rate of job creation, and strong economic activity have all contributed to the dollar’s strength, consequently putting pressure on crypto prices​​.

Liquidations in the Crypto Market

The decline in the prices of major cryptocurrencies led to a surge of liquidations across the derivatives market. Over $137 million in long positions were liquidated in a 24-hour period, significantly impacting the crypto market prices. This sudden liquidation of long derivative positions, coupled with a lack of buying pressure from trading volume, negatively affected crypto market prices​​.

Impact of Crypto Spot ETFs and GBTC Activities

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and subsequent activities of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) also played a role. The launch of these ETFs initially created a buzz in the market, but the excitement cooled off quickly. GBTC transferring a significant amount of BTC to Coinbase Prime deposit addresses indicated that holders might be closing out portions of their positions. This activity, along with a general market consolidation post-ETF launch, added to the downward pressure on crypto prices​​.


  1. What caused the recent crypto market downturn?
    • The downturn was influenced by a strong U.S. dollar, macroeconomic factors, liquidations in the derivatives market, activities around spot Bitcoin ETFs and GBTC, and market speculations and predictions.
  2. How does the U.S. dollar strength affect the crypto market?
    • A strong U.S. dollar exerts selling pressure on cryptocurrencies, as it reflects a robust demand and a rise in U.S. Treasury yields, affecting investor sentiment towards riskier assets like crypto.
  3. What are crypto spot ETFs and how do they impact the market?
    • Crypto spot ETFs are exchange-traded funds that track the price of cryptocurrencies. Their approval and subsequent activities can influence market sentiment and trading volumes.
  4. What was the role of liquidations in the crypto market decline?
    • A significant amount of long position liquidations occurred due to the price decline, exacerbating the downturn by creating a lack of buying pressure.
  5. Can market speculations and predictions affect crypto prices?
    • Yes, speculations and predictions, such as those regarding ETF approvals, can significantly impact market sentiment and lead to rapid price changes.

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