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What is Notcoin (NOT)?

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Notcoin (NOT) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that has captured significant attention in the crypto world since its launch. Built on the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, Notcoin has successfully combined elements of gaming, mining, and blockchain technology to create an engaging and viral cryptocurrency experience. This article delves into what Notcoin is, its unique features, its tokenomics, and its impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

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Origins and Concept

Notcoin originated as a simple, free-to-play game on Telegram, leveraging the massive user base of the messaging app to attract participants. The game was designed to be easily accessible, where users could earn Notcoins by performing simple tasks like tapping on the screen of their devices. This “tap-to-earn” mechanic quickly went viral, amassing millions of users globally. At its peak, the game had 35 million users and more than six million daily active users (DAUs)​.

The simplicity of the game, combined with its integration into the popular Telegram platform, made it an instant hit. Users could mine Notcoins without any initial investment, making it a low-risk entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies. The game’s success can be attributed to its fun and engaging nature, coupled with the potential to earn real cryptocurrency.

Unique Features

Tap-to-Earn Mechanic

The core feature of Notcoin is its tap-to-earn mechanic. Users earn Notcoins by tapping on a virtual coin displayed on their screen. This simple yet addictive gameplay loop incentivizes continuous interaction. Players can also purchase boosts to enhance their earning potential, such as increasing the rate of Notcoin rewards per tap or enabling an auto-tapper to maximize earnings without continuous manual effort​.

Community and Social Interaction

Notcoin has fostered a strong community through its gameplay and social features. Users can form teams, invite friends, and compete in leaderboards, adding a competitive edge to the experience. This community aspect has been crucial in maintaining user engagement and driving the viral growth of the project​.

Integration with the TON Blockchain

Notcoin is built on the TON blockchain, developed by Telegram. The TON blockchain is known for its high scalability, security, and efficiency, making it an ideal platform for a project like Notcoin. The integration with TON has also facilitated seamless transactions and ensured the robustness of the Notcoin ecosystem​.


Supply and Distribution

Notcoin’s tokenomics are unique in the crypto space. The total supply of NOT tokens is capped at approximately 103 billion, with the initial supply set at 102,719,221,714 tokens. Unlike many other cryptocurrency projects, Notcoin released 100% of its token supply on day one, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution. This approach eliminated the need for a vesting schedule, which is commonly used to prevent excessive selling pressure​.

Airdrop and Conversion

Following the game’s mining phase, which ended on April 1, 2024, users could convert their earned in-game Notcoins to NOT tokens. The conversion rate was set at 1000:1, meaning 1,000 in-game Notcoins would convert to 1 NOT token. This airdrop ensured that early adopters and active participants were rewarded proportionally​.

Exchange Listings

Notcoin’s listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and OKX has further boosted its visibility and credibility. The token was launched on Binance’s Launchpool, allowing users to farm NOT tokens by staking BNB or FDUSD. This strategic move has attracted significant investment and trading activity, driving up the token’s value and market cap​.

Market Performance

Since its launch, Notcoin has experienced tremendous success in the market. The token saw a meteoric rise, with its price surging by over 60% in a single day. This surge propelled Notcoin into the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The project’s innovative approach and robust community support have played a pivotal role in its market performance​.

Trading Volume and Investor Interest

The daily trading volume of Notcoin has been impressive, reflecting strong investor interest. For instance, during peak trading periods, the intraday trading volume reached nearly $758 million. This high trading activity indicates robust market participation and a positive sentiment towards the token​.

Future Prospects

Notcoin’s future looks promising, with several planned developments aimed at sustaining its growth and increasing its utility. The project plans to reintroduce its coin-tapping game, allowing users to earn real NOT tokens. Additionally, Notcoin aims to launch a new rewards model where projects and companies can buy NOT on the market to fuel play-to-earn rewards within the game​.

Expanding the Ecosystem

The Notcoin team is focused on expanding its ecosystem by integrating more Web3 products and services. The introduction of Notcoin Explore, a feature that rewards users for discovering new Web3 products, is a step in this direction. This feature incentivizes users to engage with various projects within the TON ecosystem, thereby driving broader adoption of Web3 technologies​.


Notcoin has emerged as a significant player in the cryptocurrency space, combining the simplicity of gaming with the potential of blockchain technology. Its unique tap-to-earn mechanic, robust community, and strategic integration with the TON blockchain have driven its success. With ongoing developments and strong market performance, Notcoin is poised to make a lasting impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.


1. What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a cryptocurrency project built on the TON blockchain, featuring a tap-to-earn game on Telegram where users can earn tokens by tapping on a virtual coin.

2. How can I earn Notcoins?

Users can earn Notcoins by tapping on the screen in the Notcoin game on Telegram. They can also purchase boosts to increase their earning potential and participate in community activities to earn additional rewards.

3. What is the total supply of NOT tokens?

The total supply of NOT tokens is approximately 103 billion, with 102,719,221,714 tokens initially released.

4. Where can I trade NOT tokens?

NOT tokens are listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and OKX. Users can trade them on these platforms and participate in staking campaigns to earn rewards.

5. What makes Notcoin unique?

Notcoin’s unique combination of gaming, community engagement, and blockchain technology, along with its fair token distribution and strategic partnerships, sets it apart from other cryptocurrency projects

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