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Cross Hedging: Strategy and Use Cases

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Cross hedging is a sophisticated risk management strategy used in futures trading, finance, and investment portfolios. Unlike traditional hedging, which directly offsets risk by taking an opposite position in the same asset or closely related assets, cross hedging involves taking a position in a related but different asset. This strategy is particularly useful when a direct hedging instrument for the desired asset is not available.

Understanding Cross Hedging

Cross hedging employs two positively correlated assets to mitigate risk. The strategy capitalizes on the relationship between these assets, using the performance of one to offset potential losses in the other. For instance, an airline company might use crude oil futures to hedge against jet fuel price fluctuations if direct jet fuel futures are unavailable or not perfectly aligned with their hedging needs​​​​.

Key Differences Between Cross Hedging and Traditional Hedging

One of the primary distinctions between cross hedging and traditional hedging lies in the nature of the assets involved. Cross hedging uses assets that are positively correlated but not identical, whereas traditional hedging often involves taking positions in the same asset or in assets that are inversely correlated. The effectiveness of a cross hedge depends on the correlation strength between the two assets; the higher the correlation, the more effective the hedge​​.

Use Cases and Examples

Cross hedging finds its application in various scenarios where direct hedging options are not available. For example, a gold mining company expecting a fall in gold prices may not find suitable gold futures contracts for hedging. In such cases, they could opt for cross hedging with platinum futures, given the positive correlation between gold and platinum prices. This strategy enables the company to lock in favorable prices and mitigate potential losses​​​​.

Calculating the Cross Hedging Ratio

The effectiveness of cross hedging is quantified by the hedge ratio, which indicates the proportion of the portfolio or asset value that is hedged. The optimal hedge ratio depends on the correlation between the asset and the hedge, as well as the volatilities of both. A well-calculated hedge ratio ensures that the hedge effectively mitigates risk without leading to overhedging, which can erode profits​​.


Cross hedging is a vital risk management tool that provides flexibility and coverage in situations where direct hedging options are limited or unavailable. By carefully selecting correlated assets and calculating the optimal hedge ratio, traders and companies can protect themselves against undesirable market movements. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the basis risk associated with changes in the correlation between the hedged asset and the hedging instrument over time.


  1. What is cross hedging?
    • Cross hedging is a risk management strategy that involves offsetting the risk of one asset by taking a position in a different but related asset due to the absence of a direct hedging instrument.
  2. How does cross hedging differ from traditional hedging?
    • Unlike traditional hedging, which involves taking an opposite position in the same or closely related assets, cross hedging uses two positively correlated but different assets to mitigate risk.
  3. What is the hedge ratio and how is it calculated in cross hedging?
    • The hedge ratio is a measure that indicates what portion of an asset or portfolio is hedged. It is calculated based on the correlation between the hedged asset and the hedging instrument, and the volatilities of both.
  4. Can cross hedging completely eliminate risk?
    • While cross hedging can significantly reduce risk, it cannot completely eliminate it due to basis risk, which arises from the potential change in correlation between the chosen assets over time.
  5. What factors should be considered when choosing assets for cross hedging?
    • When selecting assets for cross hedging, consider the correlation between the assets, the volatilities of both the asset and the hedging instrument, and the specific risk exposure that needs to be hedged.

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