16 Sep, 20

Zerocap Publishes Report “Bitcoin: This is the Hedge”

Bitcoin this is the hedge report


Digital assets firm Zerocap publishes report “Bitcoin: This is the Hedge” on the benefits of bitcoin in portfolios during periods of economic crisis and beyond

In a year of such economic hardship and financial uncertainty, investors are looking for a safe-haven beyond assets in traditional portfolios.

Melbourne-based group Zerocap, a firm providing digital asset trading for private clients, family offices and institutions, reports that sophisticated investors who once would have shunned cryptocurrencies are now showing interest.

The report thoroughly details the benefits of investing in bitcoin and other digital assets during this period of instability and beyond. Through analysis covering upcoming inflation and the commodity cycle, Zerocap uncovers the reasons why there has never been a more important time to invest in cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin and ethereum.

Zerocap, which started in 2017 by founding principals Jon de Wet, Ryan McCall and Trent Barnes, aims to provide investors with a bridge between the traditional finance world and the new digital economy. “The cryptocurrency space has matured over the past decade and traditional investors are much more receptive to including digital assets in their investment portfolios but don’t necessarily know who to turn to secure an allocation,” says Jon de Wet.

Why it matters

Ryan McCall states that the new report is focused on Australia, and details the importance of investing in digital assets during such a challenging time for the population. “We are in a period of amazing change. Australia is entering its first recession in 30 years and debt is going through the roof. It’s the GFC times 10 and inflation is the key risk for investors.”

Having completed extensive research of the current market and its future prospects, Zerocap utilises an investment strategy that defines the optimal mix of assets for given defined levels of risk and volatility. The advantage of the model, covered in the report, is that it allows Zerocap to look at various risk appetites, and identify allocation weightings that add value to investor portfolios.

Through their personalised strategies, Ryan McCall explains that the investment firm seeks to educate investors on why and how to expand their portfolio beyond the traditional market. “You haven’t missed the boat yet. Now is the time to ride the wave of change and invest in bitcoin. It’s the perfect hedge in the current environment and beyond.”

Download Zerocap’s report “Bitcoin: This is the Hedge” here: https://zerocap.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Zerocap-Digital-Assets-Bitcoin-This-is-the-Hedge-Sep-2020-1.pdf

zerocap publishes report bitcoin this is the hedge
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