17 Aug, 22

Zerocap and ASX’s digital asset trading and custody platform

Zerocap partners with ASX - AFR
Tammy Paola

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16 August 2022: Digital assets investment firm Zerocap has completed a Proof-Of-Concept with the Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX) Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as a Service platform, Synfini, specifically for the trading, custody and administration of digital assets. Further development will be undertaken by Zerocap in the coming months with the goal of being able to fully integrate digital assets into ASX’s DLT as a Service ecosystem.

Zerocap provides its institutional and wholesale clients with Australia’s leading custody solution for digital assets, incorporating MPC cryptography and hardware isolation via Fireblocks, and bespoke insurance from Lloyd’s of London.

By integrating digital asset custody the solution could support custody for any tokenised asset – crypto, bonds, shares, property, currency-based – that customers may wish to custody on Synfini.

Zerocap’s current platform can already trade and provide segregated custody for any tokenised asset. Client’s assets and transactions could be recorded on Synfini via smart contracts to form immutable records on a distributed ledger, providing improved investor protection and greater efficiency for digital asset transactions.

Zerocap CEO Ryan McCall said, “Our goal is to provide institutional investment grade services and back office administration at least to the level of any traditional and existing financial services instruments. This includes relevant and appropriate compliance and oversight by appropriate agencies.

“We get that many investors remain wary of the digital assets space … a guiding Zerocap mantra is to break down the barriers to investing in digital assets.

“Working on this project to provide an institutional grade digital asset custody offering on the ASX DLT as a Service is an exciting initiative.

‘’We at Zerocap know that there have been many calls for an Australian-based top-quality custody solution – well, it’s here and we look forward to extending its capability with the ASX on Synfini,” Ryan McCall said.

Paul Stonham, General Manager of DLT Solutions at the ASX said, “Synfini provides a secure, open-source environment in which developers and others can bring new use cases for digital assets into reality. Zerocap’s custody service POC is an excellent example of the ever-expanding ecosystem we are looking to develop.”

About Zerocap

Zerocap’s mantra is zero friction, borderless finance. We are Australia’s leading full-service crypto platform, providing tailored investment products and secure custody to a global client base of wholesale investors, institutions, HNWs and family offices.

Zerocap creates bespoke solutions for investors to build and diversify their investment portfolio with digital assets, through a range of regulated and direct exposure products across the volatility spectrum to fit with their desired levels of investment and risk.

Our people bring a deep understanding of digital asset technology, trading, and portfolio optimisation, having processed a billion dollars of digital assets for private investors, family offices and institutions. We have assembled a team of blockchain experts, institutional portfolio managers and advisers, and experienced traders; backed by strong compliance, security and reporting functions.

Zerocap provides market-leading institutional-grade custody and storage facilities backed by insurance policies for all its investors, utilising best-in-class technology such as MPC cryptography and hardware isolation.

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