17 Sep, 21

Victor Smorgon Group Crypto Journey with Zerocap – Webinar

Victor Smoregon Group - Crypto Journey with Zerocap


In this webinar, recorded on September 17th, VSG’s MD Peter Edwards talks about the Victor Smorgon Group crypto journey with Zerocap and why they chose our firm as their digital assets manager. Following Edwards’ statement, Zerocap’s Ryan McCall (CEO) and Jonathan de Wet (CIO) spoke about the firm and the investment case for crypto, followed by Head of Trading Toby Chapple’s institutional view on digital assets and a Q&A session hosted by Zerocap’s Private Wealth Manager Pras Indrakumar.

0′ to 11’10” – Victor Smorgon Group’s crypto journey and choosing Zerocap as their digital asset manager (Peter Edwards)
11’11” to 27’15” – Zerocap’s journey and the investment case for crypto (Ryan McCall and Jonathan de Wet)
27’16” to 32’25” – The institutional view on digital assets (Toby Chapple)
32’26” to 50’57” – Q&A (Pras Indrakumar hosts)

Zerocap provides digital asset investment and custodial services to forward-thinking investors and institutions globally. Our investment team and Wealth Platform offer frictionless access to digital assets with industry-leading security. To learn more and being your crypto journey with Zerocap, contact the team at [email protected] or visit our website www.zerocap.com

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