21 Mar, 22

Australian Blockchain Week 2022 – Meet the Zerocap Team at Blockchain Week

Australian Blockchain Week 2022
Tammy Paola

Australian Blockchain Week 2022, the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital asset event Australia has ever seen has officially commenced.

Steve Vallas, CEO at Blockchain Australia opened Australian Blockchain Week 2022 today at the ASX in Sydney. Steve said crypto is enjoying a “mainstream moment” that is “happening everywhere.”

“Where is Australia? We are filled with promise and opportunity — the question is whether or not we can be the country that takes advantage of that.”

“Let’s have a nuanced conversation,” Steve said. “Let’s move away from the narratives that were prevalent in 2017 and 2018 to 2019. It’s not the dark web. It’s not just criminals moving things across borders. It’s not too slow. You know, it’s not ‘a nothing’.”

The crypto industry wants to work with the regulators, he went on. “We are leading the conversation with the government.”

Australia’s Blockchain Week continues throughout the week with in-person and virtual events including presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, fireside chats, a makers day, and more right across Australia.

Australian Blockchain Week 2022 – where you will find the Zerocap Team

Members of the Zerocap team will be in attendance at various events throughout the week. Here are some of the events you will find us at:

  • Monday, March 21: Zerocap CEO Ryan McCall will attend Day 1 of Australian Blockchain Week at the ASX, Sydney. Ryan will speak on a panel – “Superannuation – The Digital Asset Investment Landscape”.
  • Wednesday, March 23: Our Wealth & Investment Managers – Pras Indrakumar, Ornella da Costa, Leo Shek and Fabian Capuana – will be at Marvel Stadium Melbourne for Day 3 of Australian Blockchain Week.
  • Thursday, March 24: Zerocap CEO Ryan McCall will speak at an online panel at Day 4 of Australian Blockchain Week – “Digital Asset Custody Arrangements”.
  • Thursday, March 24: The Zerocap team will be hosting Zerocap’s official Blockchain Week party at the National Gallery of Victoria (by invitation only).

If you are attending Australian Blockchain Week we’d love to meet you. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to have a conversation.

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