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Optimise your exchange with deep liquidity, tight spreads and stable pricing.

Market makers provide exchanges with greater liquidity and full order books to improve trading execution and make the platforms more attractive to users.

Zerocap’s crypto market making creates order books with consistently deep liquidity, tight spreads and stable pricing. Make your exchanges more engaging with high volume of ask/bid prices through the best institutional-grade liquidity sources in the business.

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When hiring Zerocap as a crypto market making provider for a crypto exchange, the benefits can include:

First, Zerocap can help to increase the liquidity of the crypto assets being traded on the exchange, by providing a constant bid-ask spread and reducing the volatility of the assets. This can make it easier for traders to execute trades and can help to attract more traders to the platform.

Second, Zerocap can help to improve the overall user experience for traders by providing faster and more efficient trading. This can help to attract more traders to the platform, which can in turn help to grow the overall size and reach of the exchange.

Third, Zerocap can help to reduce the risk of slippage and improve the execution price for trades, which can help to maximize returns for traders.

Fourth, Zerocap can provide transparent, real-time market data which can help traders to make more informed investment decisions.

Fifth, Zerocap can act as a counterparty for traders, which can help to mitigate the risk of counterparty default and increase the overall security of the exchange.

Overall, Zerocap can provide a range of liquidity, trading efficiency, market data transparency, price execution and risk mitigation benefits to crypto exchanges, which can help to improve the overall performance of the platform and attract more traders.