Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin with reduced volatility. A risk balanced fund for Bitcoin investing and exposure.

Financial services and products are available to wholesale clients only.

Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin offers balanced risk exposure to Bitcoin with a predefined volatility level over time. 

Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin Fund

Taking all the benefits of bitcoin — with reduced volatility to match that of equity markets

Tried and tested methodology, designed 20 years ago to manage and control hedge fund exposure to the defined risk of investors

Market-leading insurance from Lloyd’s of London, combined with the most secure and sophisticated crypto custodian in Australia

Improves non-correlation benefits to a portfolio, which are increasingly harder to generate

Reduced drawdown and negative portfolio impacts of bitcoin

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Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin Fund

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Zerocap Smart Beta Bitcoin Fund
Investment Team

Bitcoin Trust, Zerocap

Jonathan de Wet


Jon is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Zerocap. He drives investment strategy, portfolio design and liquidity provisioning for Zerocap’s digital asset execution and trading strategies. He began his career in strategy roles across advertising before shifting into banking and proprietary trading, working across ANZ Bank and T4T Capital. He then founded Vesper Capital, a risk-parity proprietary trading firm focused on event driven leveraged FX and commodities strategies. His approach is top-down – understand the big drivers and paradigm shifts in investor sentiment to see the road ahead.

Bitcoin Trust, Zerocap

Toby Chapple


Toby Chapple has an extensive background in tier-1 investment banking and hedge funds. He has held senior trading positions across proprietary trading and asset management including running the proprietary trading desk at Deutsche Bank that focused on fixed income, currency and commodity markets, senior portfolio manager roles at stand alone global macro hedge funds including Sequoia and Deutsche Bank.

Toby also designed and was global head of sales and trading for the Deutsche Banks Hedge Fund Replication suite of products. Prior to joining Zerocap, Toby was in charge of over $1 billion in investments within UBS.

Toby’s role at Zerocap is to have responsibility for the trading book; identifying opportunities across the whole digital asset realm, risk management, as well as design and implementation of structured products and solutions.

Ryan McCall, CEO & Co-founder at Zerocap.

Ryan McCall


Starting his career as a self-taught software engineer he has worked around financial services since 2006, having designed and delivered complex risk and pricing engines for top-tier insurance companies including IAG, Marsh and Willis, and web applications for wealth managers and fund managers including Findex, Hyperion and Generation Life.

First learning about blockchain in 2016 through DLT and smart contracts, he now specialises in digital assets, initially responsible for the development and implementation of technology and IT security at Zerocap, as well as bringing a technical lens to the firm’s venture capital investments. With experience working across BA, solution architecture, strategy and delivery, Ryan is a digital generalist who specialises in bridging the gap between business and technical resources.

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