Secure, Insured, Segregated Crypto Custody

All digital assets are held in MPC segregated on-chain wallets, each verifiable on blockchain explorers. Market-leading, unique insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London, with vetted Risk Management Protocols backs Best-in-class custodial technology stack provided by Fireblocks. Unique governance options, with access to Prime Services with the click of a button.

Institutional-Grade Crypto Custody

Utilising layered security measures such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and sharding techniques, we ensure the safeguarding of digital assets against potential threats.

Multi-Party Signature Wallets

With the use of computation technology and robust governance controls, our multi-party signature wallets provide an additional layer of data security and prevent internal collusion.

Transparency and Auditing

We provide complete transparency through on-chain wallets, regular reporting, and audits, offering full visibility into our custody services.

Segregation of Client Assets

The segregation of client assets placed in custody enhances security and integrity.

digital surge

Digital asset investment and advisory specialists Zerocap have been appointed by the Voluntary Administrators of Digital Surge, KordaMentha, to provide custodial and administration services to the Digital Surge business. In particular, Zerocap’s custody platform will assist in securing and safely storing client digital assets. Zerocap’s appointment is part of a rescue package and proposed restructuring of Digital Surge.

institutional crypto custody

The cryptocurrency space has been plagued by a lack of true institutional crypto custody solutions, resulting in widespread fear of losing digital assets. Nonetheless, participants have emerged that offer effective custody solutions that enable the exploration of more use cases and innovation at the blockchain level. This article will delve into the different components of this tier of custody and the need for it in the web3 space.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cap on Zerocap’s insurance offering?

Zerocap boasts a multilayered insurance offering with a base Lloyds of London insurance coverage of US$25m, scaling according to individual clients needs. Clients are also able to have an exclusive limit allocated to them. Zerocap also utilises third party custodial insurance for additional asset security.

How can I verify my assets are held in a segregated wallet?

Upon logging into your dedicated Zerocap Portal account, and navigating to the Crypto Dashboard your unique wallet address will be visible. You can validate via on-chain explorers such as Etherscan.

Are there any costs associated with Zerocap’s custody offering?

Depending on your account tier, you may be subject to quarterly custody fees. If you require additional information please contact your dedicated account manager or reach out to [email protected]

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