-  Weekly Wrap   -  Weekly Crypto Market Wrap #40, 2020

Welcome back, Friday! This week one of Zerocap’s principals Jon was featured on Forkast News discussing how Bitcoin offers a hedge as markets reach peak dislocation. Go check it out!

We published an article on the emergent Asian wealth this century, covering the rise of the continent and how digital assets fit into the portfolio of contemporary Asian investors.

Some news that caught our eye this week:

  • Square just announced that it has purchased $50M in bitcoin, stating “Square believes cryptocurrency is an instrument of economic empowerment and provides a way to participate in a global monetary system, which aligns with the company’s purpose.” Has MicroStrategy’s $425m investment opened the floodgates?
  • US congress released a massive 450-page report on the need of antitrust reform for the Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google monopoly. If successful, the plan will greatly leverage the use of decentralised networks.
  • KPMG unveiled blockchain solutions to track climate emissions. The strategy opens up a new realm of practice for the technology in a more-than-essential branch of scientific research.
  • Japanese financial giant SBI acquired TaoTao, its second digital assets exchange. The deal shows a trend in traditional finance leaders moving into the market of digital currencies.

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