A dynamic solution for digital currencies, TAZero offers an institutional-grade platform through a single access point to on-demand streaming liquidity, credit lines and clearing.

Why Use TAZero?

Prime Access

TAZero is accessible via desktop, mobile and FIX API with seamlessly-integrated technology from liquidity and execution to clearing.

Deep Liquidity, 24/7

Our institutional clients have access to state-of-the-art streamed liquidity, aggregated through 20 of the largest providers and delivered directly to their accounts, fiat-backed with global banking rails.


Through a single interface, TAZero is the latest in low latency technology and visualization tools to ensure clients have the best trading experience through risk reporting, algorithmic execution, data analysis and optimal pricing.

Prime OTC Resource for Institutions


Institutional front-end platform with a robust FIX engine, hosted across the largest data centres to provide a true institutional experience.

Superior Tools

Improve profit, reduce risk and assess market options with TAZero’s Graphical User Interface. All styles in a single screen with big data execution analysis and a vast selection of order types. 

Personalised Credit

Margin in fiat or crypto anywhere in the world, and utilise credit lines for capital efficiency.

The TAZero Process

Simple sign up

Fast onboarding via our wealth platform

Start investing

Access our platform with state-of-the art tools to optimise your funds and minimise risks in any market landscape

Discuss your requirements

Let us know your background and investment goals

Personalised settlement

With post-trade settlements that fit your needs, withdraw the assets in the currency and account of your choice, your preferred wallet or keep them stored in our wealth platform

The Platform

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