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Register Your Interest Here Principal Protected Notes A Principal Protected Note (PPN) is a financial instrument that returns the principal amount invested at maturity regardless of the underlying assets price movement. An investor will also receive a percentage of the upside benefit of price appreciation of the underlying asset - whilst mitigating downside price risk with the full principal returned if the price decreases below

In this insightful piece written by Zerocap treasurer William Fong and trader Joe Wilson, we discuss the potential cryptocurrencies have of providing a level playing field to world capital markets through the variables of CBDCs and stablecoins. Introduction Since the global money market system left the gold standard in 1931, the US dollar (USD) has been the dominant currency of choice for capital raising. In

The inherent complexities associated with owning and managing digital assets as well as the way value is stored and transferred creates complications and confusion for many investors. In this article, we go through what a crypto wallet is, the importance of secure crypto custody and how Zerocap assists with security needs by providing institutional-grade custody services combined with comprehensive insurance. What is a Crypto

During the early days of Bitcoin (BTC), there were 2 primary ways to acquire BTC - mine it yourself, or find someone willing to sell it directly to you. Today, the rise of centralised exchanges and institutional adoption has allowed for increased accessibility to cryptocurrencies, facilitating billions of dollars in volume on a daily basis. In this article, we explain the fundamentals of

Table of Contents - Introduction to Portfolio Diversification Using Crypto Assets 1.     Introduction 2.     Why do I need to diversify my investment portfolio? 3.     Where to start my diversification? 3.1.    Zerocap Bitcoin Trust (ZBT) 3.2.   Zerocap Collateralised Lending 3.3.   BTC/ETH 70/30 3.4.   Bitcoin Smart Beta 3.5.   Zerocap DeFi Index 3.6.    Smarter ways to play the market - Structured Products 4.     Conclusion 5.

In this article, we provide a deep dive into the Polkadot project and how it can be considered the Internet of Blockchains; from the challenges it seeks to solve, to its scalability and near-term outlook. Context: Multi-chains and the Emergence of Layer Ones: The flawed transaction capacity of the Ethereum Network has tempted crypto and DeFi users to explore other blockchains. These ‘layer ones’ (Ethereum