Crypto Treasury

Bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency treasury management for corporate and institutional clients.

Zerocap carries out regulated and unregulated activities. Financial services and products are available to wholesale clients only. Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not regulated by ASIC.

  • Efficient borderless transfers between multiple wallets

  • One-off conversions from fiat to USDT/USDC for multiple supply chain settlement

  • Fast settlement on transfers; T+0 to T+1 via blockchain

Cryptocurrency Balance Sheet Management

Including B2B advisory and bespoke services

Borrowing & Lending

For capital efficiency and yield

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Frequently asked questions

What are some of the Treasury functions Zerocap provides?
  1. International On-ramp/Off-ramp Fiat vs Cryptocurrency stablecoins conversion and payment facilitation
  2. Secured Custody of cryptocurrency assets with insurance protection issued by Lloyds of London insurance
  3. Individual company 2FA secure portal login with visibility of assets and functions
  4. Tier based authorization for approval of withdrawal between users and managers
  5. Multi-wallet whitelisting for external transfers

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