Digital Asset Custody

Combining the best of traditional custody with multi-layered cybersecurity, backed by market-leading insurance.

Zerocap carries out regulated and unregulated activities. Financial services and products are available to wholesale clients only. Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not regulated by ASIC.

  • Support for any digital asset including NFTs and tokenised real-world assets

  • Market-leading, unique insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London

  • No single point of failure; extensive online and offline redundancy


A comprehensive security approach to protecting your cryptocurrency. Utilising best-in-class technology: MPC cryptography and hardware isolation, your digital assets are safe


Tailor your approval workflow with governance controls configured to your unique needs and preferences, with capabilities similar to the approach undertaken in many traditional institutional investment vehicles

Succession Planning

Succession planning services give you peace of mind that the digital assets you own and wealth you have built will be managed and distributed according to your wishes


Grow your investments safely with the knowledge you will be covered in an unlikely event with industry-leading insurance

Discuss how digital assets fit your portfolio

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Frequently asked questions

How do I insure my crypto currency?

In order to insure your digital assets with Zerocap you must choose to custody them with us. You are able to do so by informing the team after your first trade has been executed.

Once this agreement has been filled and your digital assets have been transferred to your account, you will be able to activate insurance through your account.

How do I withdraw my digital assets?

You are able to withdraw your digital assets and transfer them to an alternative wallet by logging into the Trading portal, navigating to the page of the asset you wish to withdraw and clicking the withdraw button.

If you have never transferred to another wallet before, click add external wallet and enter the address. For security reasons, all withdrawal addresses must be whitelisted which requires approval from Zerocap before funds can be removed. 

Once the address has been whitelisted, you can select them as the recipient and select the preferred transfer amount. Following confirmation by you, you will be prompted to enter a 2FA code. The withdrawal will then  go to a transaction queue. Once signed off by Zerocap, it will be sent.

What payment and settlement options are available?

Zerocap offers an array of payment options and the team is happy to discuss how we may use your preferred method. Our pre existing clients primarily utilise the following:

  • Swift
  • Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)

We accept all major currencies and are happy to discuss the option to use your preferred currency if it is not one of the majors.

How do I store my crypto?

There are two ways in which a client is able to store their assets, Zerocap custody or self custody.

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