Crypto Market Making & Liquidity

Trading desk, custodian and margin facility to access unique liquidity, crypto market making and wealth management services for institutions.

Zerocap carries out regulated and unregulated activities. Financial services and products are available to wholesale clients only. Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not regulated by ASIC.

Our strategy implements quantitative technology to improve spread compression and depth of liquidity across all layers of the order book. Enhance your token price discovery without losing our ability to reduce volatility.
Our Crypto Market Making is proficient across both CEX and DEXs, currently making markets on several top ten exchanges with a track record of strong execution against decentralised AMMs.

Method Oriented Approach

We work to optimise markets through obsessively optimising bid/ask spreads, even in the most illiquid markets. We deploy a method oriented approach that is underpinned by proprietary technology.

  • Proprietary Signals
    Statistically-derived directional trading signals to make predictions
  • Configurable Depth Boosting
    Scaling capital and layering orders to create greater depth of market
  • Volatility Management
    At initial listing, working with projects to provide customized services to achieve efficient price discovery
  • Cross-Exchange Hedging
    Continuously improving depth by maintaining positions across multiple exchanges simultaneously
  • Price Anchoring
    Minimizing spreads between the mid price on a source exchange with the target exchange
  • Performance Monitoring
    Understanding user activity at a deep and granular level – access to high quality trading data

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  • Unique independent and aggregated liquidity

  • Global banking rails for payments and settlements

  • Exchange crypto market making to improve order book and tighten spreads

Crypto Market Making and Yield Enhancement

For token projects to improve liquidity and generate revenue

Optimised Entry and Exit

Managed buying and selling for large positions

White-Label Our Products

Focus on marketing; offer digital asset investing to your clients

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