Crypto Structured Products

Predictable and superior returns by controlling volatility and directionality.

Zerocap carries out regulated and unregulated activities. Financial services and products are available to wholesale clients only. Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not regulated by ASIC.

  • Customised investment, risks and downside protection

  • Mitigate counterparty risk with collateralised loans and insurance

  • Harvest volatility for yield

Enter or Exit a Position

At predefined levels; earn significant yield until your strike price is hit

Structured as Familiar Notes

Examples include principal protected notes, yield enhancement notes, covered call exposure, option call spread exposure

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Frequently asked questions

What are Structured Products?

Structured Products are a way to combine both fiat, digital assets and derivatives to generate investment strategies with defined risk return characteristics to match your risk and return requirements.

What relevant licenses does Zerocap hold?

Physical Spot crypto-asset services and products offered by Zerocap are not currently regulated by ASIC. Zerocap Pty Ltd is registered with AUSTRAC as a DCE (digital currency exchange) service provider (DCE100635539-001).

Structured products (derivatives) and Funds (managed investment schemes) are regulated services and products. They are available to Wholesale Clients only and include as per Sections 761GA and 708(10) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Sophisticated/Wholesale Client). To serve these products, Zerocap Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR: 001289130) of AFSL 340799.

How to get involved in Crypto Structured Products?

Reach out to our team to learn more about the different structured products we offer and how to get involved.

How long has Zerocap been offering Structured Products?

Zerocap opened its Structured Product desk in 2021.

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