Introducing the ETH Merge Note

A new structured product, providing simple, dual outcomes

With the upcoming software upgrade this month, options volatility is elevated, resulting in high yields for writing ETH options. 

The ETH Merge Note is a structured product that provides simple, dual outcomes on the back of a volatile market pre and post-Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) merge. It’s a great opportunity to capture value from the market expectations in Ethereum right now. 

By selling the topside return performance above 20% to other market participants, investors can generate excessive yields from the high price of volatility right now.

This yield is then harvested to be paid out either in a fixed coupon (40%) or in a discount entry into ETH (-15%) depending on where the market is at expiry.

Suits investor with a stable to moderately bullish view on ETH.

Not suited to investors who think a major bull run in ETH is likely before expiry.

Not suited to investors who think ETH will fall significantly before expiry.

Only Two Outcomes:


1. If ETH is above 2000 by 30 June 23, you earn 40% in USD.
2. If ETH is below 2000 by 30 June 23, you buy ETH at 15% below its current price today.

Minimum investment – $50,000

Currency – USD

Expiry – 30 June 2023

OTC Fee – 1.0%

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