Zerocap Estate Planning

Estate planning for cryptocurrency

Estate planning services to give you peace of mind that your crypto assets will be managed and distributed according to your wishes.

A proper estate plan ensures that the assets you own and wealth you have built are passed onto your beneficiaries in the most financially efficient way possible.


Our comprehensive estate planning services have a similar structure to traditional banking to supply the needs of institutions, family offices and HNWIs.

Executor appointment

Following the death or in the event of lost capacity of an owner, a legally appointed executor can acquire access to crypto assets through our administration process, by providing necessary documents such as a death certificate, last will and testament, letters testamentary and identification.

Fiduciary protocols

Whilst alive, the owner can appoint a fiduciary and provide powers to fiduciaries after death permitting them to properly administer crypto assets in the estate. This includes accessing crypto assets and transferring ownership to nominated beneficiaries.


Protocols available within our governance controls for global standards to succession and guardianship laws. Assets will be secured and passed along regardless of the country of origin. Read more about our governance controls here.

Professional support

Independent third party escrow agents and solicitors available to oversee the process.

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