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Crypto Prime Broker

  -  Crypto Prime Broker
Institutional-grade services that fit your needs

Zerocap’s global infrastructure has one goal in mind; to ensure that clients have access to the most secure and reliable tools in the crypto industry, serving as an extension of your business for every need related to digital assets.   

Our Prime Broker structure provides a single access point to multiple institutional-grade sources of deep liquidity from the best providers in the market, along with credit lines, post-trade settlements and straightforward yield-earning options. Through our personalised services, businesses are connected to the best sources for optimal return on their investments with simple white-label downstream to their clients.

With best-in-class custodial security, we manage the safety of your assets while you maintain full control of every operation. Coupled with available dollar-for-dollar insurance, investors can rest with ease knowing their funds are held in a fully secure environment where they are in charge.   

Zerocap’s prime services are not limited to execution and clearing, with consistent releases of market insights and data to keep businesses updated on relevant developments of the crypto landscape and what we expect to unfold in the upcoming days, weeks and months ahead.  

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To discuss how bitcoin and other digital assets fit into your portfolio, contact us at [email protected].