Crypto investing – Are We at the Top?

Why smart investors are embracing crypto despite industry volatility.

7th December
Time: 10am – 10.45am (AEST)

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Crypto Investing – Are We are the Top?
Date: 7th December
Time: 10am – 10.45am (AEST)


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Peter Edwards

Victor Smorgon Group

Ryan McCall, CEO & Co-founder at Zerocap.

Ryan McCall

CEO & Co-Founder, Zerocap

Bitcoin Trust, Zerocap

Jonathan de Wet

CIO & Co-Founder, Zerocap

Bitcoin Trust, Zerocap

Toby Chapple

Head of Trading, Zerocap

Pras Indrakumar

Manager, Wealth & Investments, Zerocap


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1.   VSG’s crypto journey and portfolio


2.   Where are we in the cycle?


3.   How the market structure is changing


4.   How BTC and ETH will run in an inflationary environment


5.   Smart ways to manage volatility


6.   High yields and better entries through structured products


7.   Zerocap’s investment view

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