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Crypto Custody and Insurance

  -  Crypto Custody and Insurance
Maximum security with dollar-for-dollar insurance, the first of its kind in the world

Cryptocurrency custody is an essential aspect of digital asset investments, and Zerocap has not saved any efforts to ensure that clients have the most reliable security protocols available in the market. 

Bitcoin, ethereum and all our available assets are stored through a combination of Multi-Party Computational wallets and cold hardware storage. MPC provides a foolproof system due to their unbreakable network without individual keys, eliminating a single point of failure.

Clients can rest with even further ease knowing that we provide full cryptocurrency insurance for all of their assets, the first of its kind in the world. The insurance is not shared across other unitholders, and safeguards against loss, theft, technological failure, professional liability and many other situations. 

Start investing safely here.

To discuss how bitcoin and other digital assets fit into your portfolio, contact us at [email protected].