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This week, Zerocap launched its Smart Beta Bitcoin Fund - a fund that will strategically manage Bitcoin’s heavy price swings to reduce volatility. As a unit-trust structured fund, it is now available to the public for the first time.  The objective of Smart Beta Bitcoin is to reduce and balance risk whilst simultaneously improving risk adjusted returns, all while providing investors with exposure to

Thirteen years have passed since the first blockchain transaction, and yet Bitcoin continues to hold its title as the most valuable project of the crypto asset class. Why is that? In this article, Zerocap Research Analyst Parth Singhal explains the reasons why Bitcoin is still the King, even as the digital assets market grows into new proportions and functionalities for global finance. What is

In this article, we provide insights into Illuvium and the ways it's changing how the world views gaming. Most specifically, blockchain gaming. From what the project is to its governance structure and economic lifecycle, readers receive a thorough explanation of what makes Illuvium a crypto gaming group to look out for and why it has recently amassed a total amount staked of $1.8

Table of Contents - Introduction to Portfolio Diversification Using Crypto Assets 1.     Introduction 2.     Why do I need to diversify my investment portfolio? 3.     Where to start my diversification? 3.1.    Zerocap Bitcoin Trust (ZBT) 3.2.   Zerocap Collateralised Lending 3.3.   BTC/ETH 70/30 3.4.   Bitcoin Smart Beta 3.5.   Zerocap DOT Staking  3.6.   Zerocap DeFi Index 3.7    Smarter ways to play the market - Structured Products 4.  

In this analysis, Zerocap's Treasurer William Fong provides important insights on bitcoin as an inflation hedge and the current macro landscape, with a focus on the US and global credit markets: Bitcoin as an inflation hedgeUS CPI SurgesUS Index hits 16-month highEM currency struggles to defend depreciation amid pandemic led growth slowdown US Inflation Expectations are rising fast; the October CPI figures showed a 0.9%

In this article, we provide a deep dive into the Polkadot project and how it can be considered the Internet of Blockchains; from the challenges it seeks to solve, to its scalability and near-term outlook. Zerocap provides Polkadot (DOT) staking with up to 10.5% APY allied with institutional-grade security, custody and insurance. Contact us to learn more. Context: Multi-chains and the Emergence of Layer

Zerocap's Senior Trader and PhD finance researcher William Fong discusses incorporating traditional investment tools into cryptocurrency assets. Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto wrote and published the Bitcoin whitepaper as a response to the institutional failings that led to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the world of finance was destined for a revolution through cryptocurrency assets.  I’ve been working in the traditional finance (TradFi) world since

On June 9th El Salvador passed an unprecedented bill, where 62 out of 84 congressional voters decided to make Bitcoin the country’s legal tender. It’s the first case in history of Bitcoin being used as a territory’s official currency, a feat that will bring long-lasting ramifications.  In this article, we cover the different definitions of legal tender, how it benefits El Salvador, the local/worldwide

The crypto market has witnessed unprecedented growth in adoption and technology since 2008, especially with the recent emergence of DeFi protocols launching the ecosystem onto a new level of practical, decentralised applications. However, no branch of digital currency is set to have a larger impact on our social routines than Central Bank Digital Currencies. Over the past couple of years, nations continue to