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Many crypto participants may find themselves amid the current market turmoil and ask themselves: Will crypto ever recover? Given the current price of Bitcoin is approximately 57% lower than when 2022 started, this consideration isn’t unreasonable. However, in times of clear distress, garnering an understanding on why crypto is going down is important as it provides clarity around the future of Bitcoin and the

More than 18,000 cryptocurrencies exist, with numerous projects that possess similarities to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This begs the question; why are Bitcoin and Ethereum the market leaders?  For a fundamental framework around blockchain technology including Bitcoin and Ethereum, check out Zerocap's Crypto 101 page. Bitcoin The Seed for Innovation Bitcoin’s success, derived from its ability to revolutionise money, led to the establishment of countless projects, forks

Currently, blockchain technology is at the onset of its evolution. Although cryptocurrency is primarily used for finance and investing, tokens have the potential to provide a quantifiable benefit to humanity. Innovative ideas are already being implemented as education becomes digitised, public goods receive resources through quadratic funding, and individuals reclaim ownership over their personal data. Nonetheless, the adoption of decentralised technology has just The Bloomberg APAC Blockchain Forum was recently held in Singapore. Zerocap Treasurer William Fong was asked to speak on an expert panel discussing the topic "Security, Systems, ETF streams: Connectivity and Systems". In this video Will answers the following questions and more: As more and more institutions enter the crypto space, what portfolio and order management systems and connectivity is available?Are family offices

Stepping into the world of crypto from a traditional corporate and institutional (C&I) banking background was super exciting, with tons of new knowledge. At the same time, my background provided numerous opportunities to create, build, and standardize processes to improve operations. Unlike the traditional finance space, systems and procedures were already built decades ago to cater to traditional asset operations. In the article

Register Your Interest Here Principal Protected Notes A Principal Protected Note (PPN) is a financial instrument that returns the principal amount invested at maturity regardless of the underlying assets price movement. An investor will also receive a percentage of the upside benefit of price appreciation of the underlying asset - whilst mitigating downside price risk with the full principal returned if the price decreases below

In this insightful piece written by Zerocap treasurer William Fong and trader Joe Wilson, we discuss the potential cryptocurrencies have of providing a level playing field to world capital markets through the variables of CBDCs and stablecoins. Introduction Since the global money market system left the gold standard in 1931, the US dollar (USD) has been the dominant currency of choice for capital raising. In

The inherent complexities associated with owning and managing digital assets as well as the way value is stored and transferred creates complications and confusion for many investors. In this article, we go through what a crypto wallet is, the importance of secure crypto custody and how Zerocap assists with security needs by providing institutional-grade custody services combined with comprehensive insurance. What is a Crypto