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Table of Contents - Introduction to Portfolio Diversification Using Crypto Assets 1.     Introduction 2.     Why do I need to diversify my investment portfolio? 3.     Where to start my diversification? 3.1.    Zerocap Bitcoin Trust (ZBT) 3.2.   Zerocap Collateralised Lending 3.3.   BTC/ETH 70/30 3.4.   Bitcoin Smart Beta 3.5.   Zerocap DOT Staking  3.6.   Zerocap DeFi Index 3.7    Smarter ways to play the market - Structured Products 4.  

In this analysis, Zerocap's Treasurer William Fong provides important insights on bitcoin as an inflation hedge and the current macro landscape, with a focus on the US and global credit markets: Bitcoin as an inflation hedgeUS CPI SurgesUS Index hits 16-month highEM currency struggles to defend depreciation amid pandemic led growth slowdown US Inflation Expectations are rising fast; the October CPI figures showed a 0.9%

Zerocap's Senior Trader and PhD finance researcher William Fong discusses incorporating traditional investment tools into cryptocurrency assets. Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto wrote and published the Bitcoin whitepaper as a response to the institutional failings that led to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the world of finance was destined for a revolution through cryptocurrency assets.  I’ve been working in the traditional finance (TradFi) world since