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Many crypto participants may find themselves amid the current market turmoil and ask themselves: Will crypto ever recover? Given the current price of Bitcoin is approximately 57% lower than when 2022 started, this consideration isn’t unreasonable. However, in times of clear distress, garnering an understanding on why crypto is going down is important as it provides clarity around the future of Bitcoin and the

More than 18,000 cryptocurrencies exist, with numerous projects that possess similarities to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This begs the question; why are Bitcoin and Ethereum the market leaders?  For a fundamental framework around blockchain technology including Bitcoin and Ethereum, check out Zerocap's Crypto 101 page. Bitcoin The Seed for Innovation Bitcoin’s success, derived from its ability to revolutionise money, led to the establishment of countless projects, forks

In November 2021, Zerocap became the first Australian cryptocurrency firm to issue Crypto Structured Products via Zerocap’s derivative’s licence. In this article, we provide details on the advantages of investing in crypto structured products and why Zerocap is in a unique position to offer such products to investors in Australia. What are Crypto Structured Products? Structured Products are a way to combine multiple assets and strategies

During the early days of Bitcoin (BTC), there were 2 primary ways to acquire BTC - mine it yourself, or find someone willing to sell it directly to you. Today, the rise of centralised exchanges and institutional adoption has allowed for increased accessibility to cryptocurrencies, facilitating billions of dollars in volume on a daily basis. In this article, we explain the fundamentals of

Thirteen years have passed since the first blockchain transaction, and yet Bitcoin continues to hold its title as the most valuable project of the crypto asset class. Why is that? In this article, Zerocap Research Analyst Parth Singhal explains the reasons why Bitcoin is still the King, even as the digital assets market grows into new proportions and functionalities for global finance. What is

In this article, we provide insights into Illuvium and the ways it's changing how the world views gaming. Most specifically, blockchain gaming. From what the project is to its governance structure and economic lifecycle, readers receive a thorough explanation of what makes Illuvium a crypto gaming group to look out for and why it has recently amassed a total amount staked of $1.8