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The Bloomberg APAC Blockchain Forum was recently held in Singapore. Zerocap Treasurer William Fong was asked to speak on an expert panel discussing the topic “Security, Systems, ETF streams: Connectivity and Systems”.

In this video Will answers the following questions and more:

  1. As more and more institutions enter the crypto space, what portfolio and order management systems and connectivity is available?
  2. Are family offices in Australia asking about diversification or active management within crypto assets?
  3. Spot EFTs in digital assets – what Australia sees that the USA doesn’t?
  4. Are clients interested in the top ten crypto assets or do their interests sit in something that has more breadth?
  5. Has volatility slowed down the time to market for clients wanting to get involved in digital assets? Has this impacted interest?
  6. In two to three years time, what kind of institutions will be involved in the cryptocurrency space?

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