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Why Use Zerocap?

We Make It Simple

Our wealth platform provides a frictionless experience to add crypto assets to your portfolio.

Institutional-Grade Service

We work with institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals globally; everything from our best-in-class security to our vast settlement options reflects this.

Local With a Global Presence

We work to understand your situation and help you understand the market.

What Zerocap Offers

OTC Trading

Frictionless trading with deep liquidity for our clients looking to move seamlessly between fiat and digital assets. We take a principal trading model approach which facilitates optimal pricing and fast settlement in all major currencies and digital assets.

Insured Custody

Institutional-grade custody of digital assets, that’s covered by insurance. Our custody solution allows you to set up a governance model and quorum for operations, business continuity and estate planning.

Generate Yield

We generate yield by allocating a portion of assets to credit markets and market-neutral strategies across the digital asset space. Our proprietary approach hedges across diversified counterparties and execution venues to capture unique and sustainable alpha.

The Process

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Fast onboarding via our wealth platform

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Discuss your requirements

Let us know your situation and what you’re looking to achieve

Fast settlement

We’ll provide you a secure account in our wealth platform, or settle to your preferred wallet

Our Wealth Platform

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